Meet the Dolls

Name: Kanani Akina
Nicknames: Nani, Kana
Age: 11
Personality: A little quiet, friendly, kind, giving,
stands up for what she believes in
Hobbies: Playing dolls with Kirsten, reading,
going outside
Pet: Taco the chihuahua

Name: Nicki Fleming
Nickname: Nick
Age: 12
Personality: Kind, outgoing, competitive, nosy,
active, adventurous
Hobbies: Playing video games and baseball,
taking Sprocket for walks and playing with
Pet: Sprocket the dog

Name: Samantha Parkington
Nicknames: Sam, Sammy
Age: 11
Personality: Loyal, a good friend, caring, a
little shy
Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing
Pet: Fluffy the dog

Name: Mildred Keith
Nickname: Everyone calls her Millie
Age: 14
Personality: Kind, thoughtful
Hobbies: Reading, playing with
her bunny
Pet: A bunny named Nutmeg
Secret: Doesn't like video games

[picture coming soon]
Name: Kirsten Gwen Larson
Nicknames: Gwen, Kirsty
Age: 10
Personality: Sweet, caring, friendly
Hobbies: Reading, drawing, playing
video games and dolls
Pet: Shares Fluffy with Samantha

Name: Melody Setsuko
Nickname: Mel, Melon
Age: 13
Personality: Kind, adventurous,
thoughtful, sweet, independant
Hobbies: Playing with her sister Keiko,
reading, drawing, adventuring, modeling

Name: Keiko Kokoro
Nickname: Kei
Age: 8
Personality: Doesn't talk much, a little shy,
loving, sweet
Hobbies: Playing with her sister Melody,
imagining things, drawing
Favorite toys: Her dolly Little Kei, her froggy