Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Tag

I was tagged by Mickey's Girl over at Southern Dolls

1) What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Pretty much everything! =D

2) Who do you celebrate Christmas with?

My family =)

3) What is your favorite gift you have ever received?

On Christmas or just ever? Well, I've gotten a lot of great gifts so I can't really decide

4) What are your favorite Christmas Carols?

"O Little Town in Bethlehem", "Carol of the Bells", "Silent Night", and a bunch of others =) For Christmas songs that aren't carols, I like Run Run Rudolph, We Wish You a Merry Christmas P + F style, Home For the Holidays by the Carpenters, Melekalinke Maka by Bing Crosby, etc =)

5) What is your favorite Christmas food?

Gingerbread and just normal sugar cookies!

6) Can you sleep on Christmas Eve?

I have a hard time, but, yes, I go to sleep =)

7) When do you wake up on Christmas morning?

I don't know

8) What is your most memorable memory?

Putting up Christmas trees, watching Christmas specials on TV, making cookies, celebrating with my family, waking up on Christmas and opening presents being pretty much the first thing I do ;)

9) What are you Christmas traditions?

I don't think I have any besides the usual awesome Christmas stuff =)

10) Do you have a real tree or an artificial tree?


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